Any business involved with b2b sales, specifically businesses in document management, insurance, brokering, business services, I.T. Management, business consulting, business marketing. All we need is a company name and phone number and we will do the rest.

You need a clear picture of who you want to target and a message you want us to communicate by phone. We will write a script based on the information you provide us and our knowledge of the market that you are targeting. Your information will be incorporated into our script format, we will create the call list and begin calling.

You will receive appointments from the first day of calling. These appointments will be verified by a manager then sent to you by email.

Yes, we confirm the appointments starting 2 days before the appointment takes place. There is no cost for the verification and confirmation steps of our process.

We dial between 25-40 and utilize our experience to bypass the gate keeper and present the services.

Calendly or we can use an online calendar you share with us to make sure it is updated.

It is our job to reschedule appointments that cancel, at no cost to you if the prospect is interested in doing so.