Sales Appointment Setting

Market Search is a full service sales appointment setting company. We help maximize your sales opportunities by researching new business in your market. We qualify leads and set appointments with businesses who are interested in hearing about your services. Our goal is to increase sales and accelerate your company growth. Appointments are set by an account executive who is trained to pre-sell your product or service. A manager verifies the appointment before it is sent to you to check the quality. Finally, the appointment is confirmed to be sure the prospect is ready and waiting for your meeting. Let us do the work so your sales team can spend their time closing deals, and less time sitting on the phone.

Better Lead Gen, Better Prospects

The value of your lead generation activities is only as good as the quality of your prospect list. Target your ideal prospect by phone and get better results. Market Search will create your target marketing list based on your specific needs to make sure you aren’t wasting time. Feel like your team is spinning their wheels with pointless conversations? Call 200 prospects, not 2000! We can pre-call leads from our list or yours, and save your team hours they could be spending increasing your bottom line. Don’t have the time to call any leads, use our appointment setting service and the leads are included.

Client Retention Surveying

Calling your existing clients to survey the decision makers ensures clients do not feel neglected.  Sales teams are busy closing new business, and do not always have the time to connect with the people that create residual value for your business.  We create brand recognition with our prospecting/appointment setting calls, and keep that positive image of your company for the decision maker by making sure they feel taken care of and heard.  Your business can use the information and feedback from these calls to make strategic decisions about service offerings, pricing, and new services.